Strategic and conceptual thinking

In order to develop new knowledge with inter- and transdisciplinary approaches, the associated work processes need to be well thought out and carefully planned. Team CoKnow supports you right from the beginning, i.e. during the conceptual design in the project application phase; during the project with the development of an implementation strategy, in the actual research process, or if adjustments have to be made during the project. We are also offering evaluation and follow-up.

Our support is rooted in a strong theoretical foundation, proven by numerous publications, as well as experience from many inter- and transdisciplinary projects, creative planning methods and a keen sense for your objectives.

Moderation and process support

Being a researcher and a moderator at the same time, i.e. facilitating your own events and paying attention to the contents, is difficult. Leave the moderation of individual events or event series to Team CoKnow and gain the freedom to focus on your presentation, discussions, and networking with colleagues. Whether moderation of large group or expert workshops, interactive formats or panel discussions, we support you in the definition of event goals and target groups, co-develop event concepts, suggest suitable methods and procedures, and create detailed moderation guidelines and schedules.

Our moderations include an appropriate and professional welcome to create an open atmosphere right from the start. We maintain a constructive setting by welcoming all perspectives, structure discussions and offer brief syntheses of contributions. We are empathic and impartial and manage conflicts of interests. You can also put the evaluation and follow up of the events in our hands.

Team development and mediation

Everyone thinks, plans and works differently. This fact alone makes working in a team a challenge. In inter- and transdisciplinary projects different technical languages, management approaches, hierarchies and time horizons come on top, resulting in friction. Team CoKnow offers approaches to team development which allow you and your team to make use of the friction, work complementarily, create synergies and make cooperation pleasant and productive. Together we focus on getting the core team started, facilitate the team expansion by various partners, support you in in difficult phases and accompany your team through change processes.

Environmental and resource conflicts are often accompanied by accusations, misunderstandings, hardened fronts and a lot of frustration on all sides. What if there were procedures to deal constructively with these and other conflicts? Team CoKnow offers conflict mediation, suitable, e.g.:

  • In situations where many interests and needs are confronted with limited resources
  • For conflicts in teams and groups, as mediation between executives and employees or in organisations
  • As intercultural mediation, for example in scientific institutions
Accompanying research and evaluation

Accompanying social scientific research right from the start of your project can be very helpful. It supports the definition of objectives, and the identification of criteria and indicators to measure the achievement of objectives. The accompanying research supports professional project management in documenting project progress with regard to the defined project objectives. It offers valuable information on where further improvements and adjustments are necessary during project implementation. In addition to impact documentation, accompanying research also provides transparency and legitimacy, promotes dialogue and highlights synergies.

Team CoKnow offers social science accompanying research and evaluation along the four basic themes of usefulness, feasibility, fairness and accuracy. We support the development of SMART criteria (Specific, Measurable, Appropriate, Realistic, and Terminable) and project-specific indicators. We offer a wide range of methods, from questionnaires and interviews to focus groups and social network analyses. Appreciation for your achievements and constructive dialogues are the cornerstones in our collaboration.


You and your team would like to organise inter- and transdisciplinary processes yourself? Team CoKnow is offering a wide variety of trainings for scientists. Contents and methods of the courses take into consideration the challenges of inter- and transdisciplinary processes and are tailored to your needs.

The following trainings are a selection from our portfolio.

Trainings in academic education

  • Graduating successfully! PhD planning and organization
  • Teaching skills for transdisciplinary seminars
  • Collaborative writing

 Trainings on methods and tools for knowledge coproduction

  • Participatory process in spatial planning
  • Participative network analysis and strategic network planning with the Net-Map tool
  • Participative scenario development and planning

 Trainings to design inter- and transdisciplinary processes

  • Concept development and planning of inter- and transdisciplinary processes
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Developing Science Policy Interfaces