The podcast "Die Überflieger - Sturmschäden im Forst erkennen" presents the findings and research results of the project "WINMOL - Erfassung und Vorhersagemöglichkeiten von Sturmschäden im Forst". The project analyses forest areas affected by storm events from a bird's eye view using drones and satellite data. In the podcast episodes, the scientists involved discuss the significance of the research results for the management of forest stands and for forest protection.

The podcast was developed by researchers from the WINMOL project in close collaboration with the Coknow team. Accompanying workshops and training sessions focussed on developing skills in science communication with a focus on the podcast format, as well as defining communication goals and target groups. The concept for the WINMOL podcast and the scripts for the individual episodes were written together on this basis. We focussed in particular on research-oriented but comprehensible communication and relevance for the target groups. Finally, we designed the jingle and the recurring "Fact check" section. Listen for yourself!

Whether you are a forest manager, forest lover or simply curious - this podcast offers you exciting insights into the world of forest ecology and remote sensing.

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