Method development for Citizen Science project

No two projects are the same - this is particularly the case with citizen science projects in which citizens are invited to participate. And as diverse as the projects are, it is all the more necessary to develop suitable methods to ensure that the project goals are achieved. With the great team of the VielFalterGarten project, we had plenty of opportunities to adapt and develop new methods.

We have worked a lot with the Net-Map method in the past. As part of the VFG project, we were able to adapt the method so that we could provide the project team with continuous support for network development, resulting in a large, strong cooperation network.

In order to provide an indication of whether the educational objectives were achieved, we developed a before and after survey that was used during face-to-face events and in which the learning content of the events was queried. Using this method, we were able to show the project team where the workshop content could still be improved.

In 2023, we conceptualized and conducted a long-term survey to better understand the impact that participation in the project offers/the project had on the participants. Through the longitudinal study, we were able to conclude that the project had a positive impact on people's awareness, knowledge, behaviour and engagement to biodiversity conservation.

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