CoKnow moderates kick-off event of the research group MultiplEE

The research group "MultiplEE" deals with the question to what extent a sustainable expansion of renewable energies can succeed and develops policy strategies for coping with ecological conflicts of objectives in the energy transition. To supplement the scientific work of the project team around Dr. Paul Lehmann by the addition of the practical relevance from the beginning, the research group has taken relevant practice partners on board.

CoKnow Consulting accompanies this process as a project partner over the entire period of five years and supports, for example, the conception and facilication of the kick-off event. Together with the team, Jennifer Hauck prepares contents, goals and methodical approaches in advance and, as facilitator, leads the event. With a holistic view and result-oriented way of working, we thus ensure sustainable solutions in the sense of trans- and interdisciplinary research.

Further information about the research group MultiplEE.

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