Facilitation training with the Team of MultiplEE

In a 2-day presentation workshop, Jennifer Hauck gave the research group MultiplEE an insight into the everyday life of a facilitator at the beginning of the year.

After a short introduction to the role of the *facilitator*, skills around the clarification of orders in the moderation, the moderation course as well as common methods were imparted. Amongst others, there were exercises for successful visualization at e.g flipcharts and question and answer techniques on the plan. In between, the peculiarities of moderating interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary events were repeatedly discussed.

The interdisciplinary team of the research group sees in this training an added value to improve their own moderation skills, for example at workshops and internal group discussions. According to the feedback of the team, a balanced mix of thematic inputs and practical exercises as well as the application of group-specific topics rounded off the training and enables a very individual learning success.

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