Designing results application-orientated and user friendly

In WINMOL both before the storm and after the storm were considered in making forests more fit for climate change. One team did adjust and develop models that help seeing storm risks in forests depending on their soil, age, tree species and other parameters. Two other teams looked at how to quickly detect storm damage after the storm and to assess how much wood was thrown and in what quality to assist the timely transport and processing of the timber using both satellite images and drone pictures.

The aim of the project was, to design the results useful and applicable for the forestry community in Germany and to present them in an easily accessible way. Therefore, our first step was to conduct a needs assessment concerning the technical prerequisites and abilities as well as process knowledge. Additionally, some in-depth interviews were done with members of the forestry community. The results of both inquiries were used to inform the scientific process and the development of the products presenting the results. Easy access as well as language understandable by non-academic foresters were facilitated by CoKnow. A user conference was prepared with the help of the team to present the results: Plug-ins and how-to documentation for standard programmes and an online shiny-app!
Have a look at the products here:

To make the products known more widely, a podcast series was created with the help of CoKnow, but this is a different story.

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