Co-Production of knowledge in theory and practice

"Science-Policy-Interfaces" support - but how? This is exactly what students at the Master of Science (MSc) program in "Managing the Science Policy Interface on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services for Sustainable Development in West Africa - SPIBES" at the University of Abidjan, Ivory Coast learn. CoKnow Consulting supports the master's program with numerous courses in fieldwork and supervision of master theses.

During the theory part, Jennifer Hauck introduced students to the possibilities and applications of co-production of knowledge. In addition, suitable processes were identified and criteria, standards and possible risks for co-produced knowledge were explained.

Because theory is only half the battle, selected methods were directly applied in the field course to address issues related to the local, sustainable use of wild species (based on the ongoing IPBES assessment "sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity and strengthening capacities and tools"), The students should be prepared for their research within the framework of the Master's thesis, which aims to use as many methods of co-production of knowledge as possible.

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