CoKnow takes over the moderation of local calls with Thuringia's Minister Keller

Thuringia's Minister for Infrastructure and Agriculture Birgit Keller talked to local people about the future of rural areas in Thuringia in autumn 2018. During her dialogue series, Birgit Keller visited four places in different regions of Thuringia in order to interact with local people. In all local calls different thematic priorities were identified, which apply not only to the individual place, but in many other regions of Thuringia.

The results of the series of events ended in November 2018 in a future workshop, the content was based on the experiences and results of the local calls. Together with various civil society actors, the Thuringian Ministry of Infrastructure and Agriculture is planning a reorientation of the promotion of integrated rural development. The aim is to further strengthen the Leader approach and the grassroots initiatives on the ground, to better integrate the diverse support programs and to adapt them to the current needs in rural areas.

Together with her partners Susanne Hecker and Salina Spiering, Jennifer Hauck has taken over the moderation of the individual local calls in fishbowl format.

The dates:

  • September 5: North Thuringia - Heringen Castle, herring / helmets
  • September 19: West Thuringia - cultural and sports center Vachdorf
  • October 17: East Thuringia - Kulturhaus Münchenbernsdorf, Münchenbernsdorf
  • October 29th: Central Thuringia - Diakonie Landgut Holzdorf gGmbH, Holzdorf, Weimar

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