CoKnow facilitates another expert workshop of the research group MultiplEE

On January 22 and 23, experts from science and practice discussed the topic of "Policy Options for the Spatial Coordination of Wind Energy Development" at a workshop organized by the research group MultiplEE (University of Leipzig, Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research - UFZ). Dr. Jennifer Hauck from CoKnow took over the facilitation at this workshop and advised both, methodically and in terms of content, in the preparation of the overall concept in advance.

How can the expansion of wind energy and the energy transition be further advanced in a sustainable way? The current socio-political debate is increasingly concerned with this question. Especially the decided coal exit in Germany requires an accelerated expansion of wind energy. Against this background, around 30 experts from science, industry, the energy industry and associations have discussed how conflicting goals are resolved and which policy options can improve the spatial coordination of wind energy development from a sustainability perspective. The experts concluded that the legal requirements for the design and approval of wind turbines should be more uniform. Especially in nature and species protection, the conditions between the federal states often differ too much. In addition, the expansion targets of the federal states should be better coordinated.

Further information on the research group MultiplEE can be read here.

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