CoKnow supports Freiimfelde e.V. at the event "autumn meeting"

The Freiimfelde e.V. is an association that is committed to the preservation of the 6.000 square meter "fallow" in the Halle district Freiimfelde. The aim is to establish a shared park for residents of the neighborhood. The concept also leaves room for completely new design ideas, because everyone is invited to contribute and to realize a project on the "fallow".

On Saturday, the 10th of November, the association organized this year's "autumn meeting" and invited all members, non-members and interested people to get to know the team of the Freiimfelde e.V., to inform themselves about the construction progress and to learn how to support the club for example by a donation or as a member as well as to learn how to become active.

Around 30 people followed this invitation and, in the best of weathers, took a closer look at the fallow land and the projects that have already been realized, such as the play field, the pharmacy garden or the urban gardening project. Following this tour, Roland from Freiimfelde e.V. informed about the history of the association and hands-on opportunities in the coming year staying with the motto "Review. Insight. Outlook". At various workstations everyone was in demand, who wanted to be active. Project ideas were collected, further concrete steps defined and dates agreed. In a final round, the respective surface patrons presented the individual results.

Jennifer Hauck and Antje Nieber from CoKnow were also on this day to support, for example, in information and public relations. In addition, we have prepared the event with the Freiimfelde FiF e.V.

You would like to know more about the club? Click here for the Facebook page.
Also read more information about the Urbane neighborhood Freiimfelde.

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